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Hello everyone !

I'll be 20 in about 4 months. Had acne since 13, bad inflammation and sometimes cystic on forehead, rest of the face OK. My forehead is oily like a sausage :)

I simply won't use topical tretmans because my skin is than so red I'm embarrassed to go out. (retin A and stuff).

In about 10 days I will be given a choice to go on accutane (last time I asked about 'tane she told me to do blood tests).

Picture of my acne (this is lets say the worst case, usualy is better) you can se here


So, 7 years already I'm suffering from acne, I would like to be just like normal people around me :(

My question is: GO ON ACCUTANE OR NOT?

There is one more thing: In the last year my acne is a little better, and I'm almost sure it will be a little better in one year, and more better in two etc. So probably by the time I'm 22-23 it'll be gone.

BUT accutane could solve my problem in 2-3 months, not just acne but mega oily skin to, right ?

What are the chances that SUPER OILY skine returnes ? (no oil, no acne in my case)

I'm very sport oriented person, could accutane destroy my condition ?

THANK YOU ! Reading your replays I'll make my decision.

[sorry for not so great english]

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Hey Man,

Your situation sounds a lot like me. I'm 20 right now, and have been suffering with acne for a few years now. I also hated using topicals like BP and retin A because it made my skin so fricken sensitive and red. It was horrible.

After not being able to treat my skin very well at all, I finally went to my dermatologist, and she put me on Accutane.

I am also a very athletic guy, i work out every night and do other sports. I take fish oil with my accutane and have seen it to help with any joint or back pain. I still get lower back pain a little bit, but it doesn't interfere with anything, and i'm not even sure if its from the Accutane or from doing squats every other day.

Your skin will (probably) go completely dry for the duration of your treatment on Accutane. Afterwards you will probably still have marked oil reduction. I would definately give it a try. If you start experiecing any symptoms that are interfering with your athletics, talk to your dermatologist and make a decision. I really think that many of those symptoms however can be controlled if not eliminated with the right supplements.

Let me know if you have any more questions or check out my log.


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Hey Man,



Hello :)

I saw your log and your pics. Hmm, I think my acne is a bit worse then yours. I have clear and nice skin, but my forehead (whole T zone) is SUPER oily after only 2-3 hour, and I'm coverd with oil :-( I look very bad than, all shining and dirty. Inflammation acne on forehead of course becouse of all that oil.

I'm very worried about side effects. First questin to you all. What will hapen to the skin which isn't that much oily?

HOW MANY PEOPLE EXPERIENCE really bad side effects ? Can it damage my healt for life ? (guess not becouse lost of people are on this drug).

And the last one, in how many cases acne and oily skin come back in the same/worse state ?

I think I'll grow out of acne in few years but 7 years already, I wanna have nice skin after all that time.

Acne very much effect my self confidence.


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