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second time on roaccutine?

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Hey guys

I was prescribed Roaccutine in jan 2005, after all the other medicines my dermatolagist prescribed me had failed to cure my acne. I was on Roaccutine for 4 months, until May, and during which my acne disappeared. My skin was perfect and i was so happy with the results. However, i did experience some nasty side effects. My lips were chapped, and skin was very ver dry - it would become flakey during the day which was embaressing! I also experienced moodiness, although at the time i didn't notice these as much, but looking back i was very moody and would suffer from mood swings.

I didn't realise that i couldn't drink on Roaccutine, initally anyways. It wasn't until i got so very very drunk one night, after not drinking that much (well.. not as much that was needed to get me into the state that i was in!) & getting totally plastered that i realised i couldn't drink on Roaccutine. I was such a mess that i thought my drink had been spiked. It was actually the nurse, who i had to see when i had injured my toe in my drunken state who told me!

It wasn't until that septemeber that my skin began to show signs that the roaccutine was no longer working - a whole 4 months after coming off it. It didn't get bad bad, but it was still there, and i felt cheated after all the crap that i had initially went through with it earlier that year. However it wasn't until that February/march that it began to worsen, and by May/june it had worsened again - i put this down to exam stress etc.. and tried to think nothin more of it. Howver during the summer, and may facials later, my forehead began to clear up, but acne was beginning to appear on my checks - which had never happened before.

As always i was able to cover up my acne with make-up so it never looked too noticable to my family and friends. Howver it was always noticable to me - i knew it was there. And whenever people would talk to me i would always think that they were thinking how bad my skin looked - even if they weren't. I felt, and still do, very self-concious as a result.

My acne then worsened, but i put this down to a very very hot summer and wearing non-oil free make up. So, i began to wear oil free make up, and after going on holiday for two weeks my skin began to clear up. However this was short lived and my cheaks flared up again.

So i paid a visit to my GP, who prescriped me enrethromycin an antibiotic to clear it up. Six weeks later, there has been a slight improvement, but not much and so after returning to my GP i have been referred back to the dermatologist again. The likihood of going back on the roaccutine, i recon, is quite strong as it is the only thing that has worked on my skin.

Although i vowed NEVER EVER to take the stuff again, and wanted to come off the drug for the last month of my initial treatment i am considering going back on it. I look back on the photo's of me when i came off roaccutine, and my skin looks like its glowing, and i am smiling in every single one. (I will try to post some before and after shots.)

I am interested in hearing from others who have had to go back on Roaccutine, and if it has worked for them a second time round.

Many thanks

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