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I have had acne since I was 14, I am now 17.

Over the past few months the doctor tried me on doxycycline with retin-a, that didnt work. So they put me on minocycline and retin-A, currently not working.. Im going back on October 30th and if its still not working there putting me on accutane.

The ance is not what bothers me the most, its the OIL! I have to blot my face like 60 times a day, NO LIE! I eat healthy, drink pleny of water ect. I use a gentle cleanser, Cetaphil, and the cetaphil moisterizor. Because after I wash my face and pat it, it is somewhat peely around my mouth / chin. But even If I dont use the moist. my face still gets oily!

Can anyone please tell me what to do about the oil! PLEASE!

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ive read that controlling hormonal imbalance with supplements (essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals) is the first step in treating acne. some people see reduced sebum production with proper diet and supplementation. other members, including me, here benefit from moojamba's hot water method. my skin's sebum production improved tremendously with dip (even if im on accutane, my skin still gets a little oily).

also im not sure if this is still available in online stores but Ketsugo (main ingredient was like from the shark's liver? forgot.) was formulated to normalize sebum production. ive tried it before for many months. it didnt do any dramatic changes to my oilyness but it did help me control my acne (minimize zits and whiteheads/blackheads). just thought you might want to consider other stuff like this.

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Wow, Im going to try moojamba's hot water method, should I also steam my face for 5 minutes a day to help with the oily face?

i dont think steaming is necessary. the hot water method was good enough. read his thread on it to find a number of tips. good luck. :)

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