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Blemished/Redmarks from pimples

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Right, I know Accutane doesn't fade red blemishes left from popped pimples.

I just wondered how long does it actually take for blemishes to completely disappear? I've read in some places it can take months.

Can anyone tell me what they did for their red blemishes at the end of their Accutane course?

Did you have them at the start of the course & then by the end of the course cause you stopped getting pimples halfway through they faded & by the end they wern't there?

PS: Can anyone please 100% clarify that Accutane gets rid of Pimples, Blackheads & Comedonal Acne?


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My red marks didn't fade at all during Accutane. I still had the same red marks I had before starting accutane after. In fact, I still have most of them now.. 5 months after Accutane. Red marks can take 6 months to a year to fade, sometimes longer. It sucks.

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I've heard that it does, but I can't guarentee it, since I've never done anything proffessional, and you can't until at least 6 months after Accutane. Maybe by then your marks will have faded.

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I had a severe cystic IB, around 25 cysts on my face at once, and most of my red marks were faded almost completely within 4 weeks. Not sure how I got so lucky, all I did was use Aloe Vera on my face once a day (more than that and my face got too dry) and they really started clearing. I would say they're at least 90% gone, and considering how bad my IB was, that's miraculous IMO.

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Aloe Vera is good for blemishes?

What is it? Cream? Face Wash? can you buy a Moisturiser with it included?

My mum said she used Vitamin E cream & that faded her marks when she was a teenager

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I already apply Aloe Vera Gel twice a day to my face. It helps heal pimples, but I don't know if it's doing much for my red marks. Been using it for months now.

Just get 100% Aloe Vera Gel by Fruit of the Earth.

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Yes, it did. Even though I'm getting acne again, it's no where near as bad as it was before accutane. And it's starting to kind of stop again. Maybe I was just breaking out because my oil has returned? I don't really know. But.. I am taking a second Accutane course starting next month.

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terry- everybody is different... thats the thing

some people will heal faster than others, some people will break out

i had a horrible IB and im 2 months into accutane and still looking REALLY BAD! I was 90 percent clear before I started it now my face looks like a battlefeild with red marks and everything.

some people dont even get this IB, they just get better..

its like a coin toss to see if you will break out from it or not, if you will heal fast or slow

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