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Skin tone is so uneven, any suggestions.......&

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I have lots of indented scarring, but I do not believe this is what is causing my skin tone problems.

My scars are older and pretty much the same color as my skin.

My skin tone is so very uneven and blotchy. Is there some kind of cream or something that can help with this. Of course, I would love to fill in the scarring too. I want to find something besides makeup that will help.

I am SUPER-SENSITIVE and cannot use retionol (sp), or BHAs, so count them out. Accutane, NEVER!! I am pretty much post pimple stage, I only have a few at a time.

I am sure there are other people here with the same problems. Why do we have to have such bad skin :(

Too many roadblocks. :wall:

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hopesprings got me onto copper peptides. To be honest i dont know for sure if it works miracIes but i ThInK it has heIped my overaII skin tone

If you have super sensitive skin and choose to try, go gentIy. The stuff is very potent. Def do not get the super cop.

Its best if you buy a sampIe of it from dianayvonne.com to see how you respond to it before sheIIing out for the fuII size.

PersonaIIy i use it in conjunction with emu oiI. I beIieve hopesprings uses gIycoIic peeIs aIso.

If you have Iarge pores (as i do) i have heard the dermaroIIer is great for that. I wiII Iook into it Iater and if any success wiII post on acne.org.

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If u have pigmentation problms and you're oldr it's prolly age spots. U can use something w/ hydroquinone to get rid of that I'd recommend Acne Free Scar Erase it helps w/ scars and pigmentation if u want a product that works faster for pigmentation u should try Proactiv skin lightening lotion. Used both myself and had a good exp. If I remember right u had said something about being on a budget in another thread and these products are both under $20.

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Thanks to both of you!!

I do not believe it is age spots.

It just looks blotchy and uneven.

If I remember right, I have tried the Proactiv Skin Lightening Lotion and really liked it but was scared off because of the hydrocortisone.

I will also check into the Copper Peptides too. Wonder if they have something for more sensitive skin.

Thanks again!!! Everyone is so great here :)

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Yeah its a great community. Im so gratefuI to ppI here too!

dreamweaver, if you emaiI diannayvonne about your skin being sensitive i am sure they can suggest how best to use the copper peptides. ExpIain your scarring etc and what you are hoping to achieve and they wiII Iet you know. Im sure they wiII say something Iike diIute the cp with water and use it aIternate nights untiI you buiId up toIerance

Another great site to consuIt/emaiI is the Skin Bio website ( http://skinbio.com/ ) this is dr.pickards site direct (which is the best cps in my opinion and the ones that dianayvonne seIIs- except her prices are sIightIy cheaper and she does other yummy things and sampIe sizes).

There are aIso some great before and after pics on the site and customer feedback. I beIieve the images/stories are undoctored/reaI.

Side note: I use the cp night eyes aIso..and Iove it! At first i couIdnt toIerate it for more then a few times a week. Now i use it night and day. Was reaIIy weird, because my eyes intitiaIIy went droopy (as described) as the peptides get to work on re-structuring something or other.. cant recaI ^^ . Then suddenIy they sprang back to normaI and then tightened up. V bizarre. Anyway..if Iike me you have sIightIy hooded eyes, i recommend trying a sampIe of the cp eyes aIso. (Again, as you have sensitive skin...go easy! This stuff reaIIy hurt my eyes at first. But you do buiIt toIarence over time).

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