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I think I found something that works

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I feel like I've told my story a hundred times already but here's a brief: Never had much acne as a teen but started breaking out about 3 weeks ago. I've always had the odd pimple here and there but a few weeks ago about a dozen whiteheads showed up on both sides of my chin(it seemed like all came at once). It could be a number of things: the weather change (although it's never happened before), this expired moisturizer I accidently used, or this cream my mom gave me that I reacted to. I started to freak when I looked in the mirror and saw A TON of little white raised bumps starring back at me. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction and I started doing research. Then I realized those nasty bumps were whiteheads and so the hunt for a cure began. I was SO desperate and tried a few things but I think I finally found something that is helping. I bought this Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care cream by Vichy. It's for clogged and dilated pores, shiny patches and red spots. It's suppose to transform the skin within 4 weeks and I think I can already see a difference. Mind you it's not cheap, $25 for a 50ml bottle OUCH. But I don't care at this point I'll pay anything. It looks like it's slowly taking off the first layer of skin and the bumps are getting smaller. I'm hoping they'll be gone within a week....I'll keep you posted. Just wanted to share.

Good luck everyone with your regimens.

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Hi everyone, just a quick update on this stuff I've been using for about a week and a half now. It still seems to be working. THe whiteheads are SLOWLY (and I mean slowly) shrinking and the skin is a little more clear. I did have a bit of an initial breakout (at least I think that's what that was) and it seemed like everything was coming to the surface. That, or the whiteheads were turning into zits but nonetheless the bumps look like they are smoothing over.

I'll update you again in a week.

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