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How long does Deming Intense Gel take to clear up marks.

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Hi i am a 19 year old black male with oily skin and this past summer for the first time started suffering from acne. My acne has cleared up but i still have dark marks remaining. I just ordered the Demming Intense Gel and was wondering how long it would take to heal the marks. I would greatly appreciate the info. I also have a 2 pics to show the type of marks i have and to see if anyone knows how long mine would take to heal. :think:





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hey, nl2nice

i can't see any imperfections on your skin, you should maybe post a closer close up

everyone reacts differently, so it's hard to say how much time you will need to get rid of red marks

but i love puredeming ig, b/c it evens out the skin tone and makes skin look really healthy and glowing, so when your skin is like that, nobody notices the marks.

lactic peels should help you more with marks, i guess they would go away after 1 or 2 session of peels

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a couple things i want to say:

well first off the pics arent very helpful, they are not close enough and to be honest i cannot see your condition. But i am not doubting it exists because people of darker skin are more suspectable to marking and hyperpigmentation (myself included).

perhaps this gel may work for you, perhaps it may not.. to be honest i do not know anything about it and cannot answer your question.

However, i do suggest that if it does not work for you, you should look into hydroquinone which is a skin lightener. Using it to carefully spot treat your marks over time can definetly help their fading. And especially because of your darker skin it is considerably more effective on your skin type.

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