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here's what works for me

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after just about every medication, including accutane (three times), i seemed to have found a pretty effective way of achieving clear skin.

i'll try to make this short and to the point. basically, instead of piling all kinds of chemical shit on my face, i decided to change my habits.

i had a bad habit of sleeping on my stomach, with my face smooshed against the pillow. i committed to sleeping only on my back. i also changed my pillow cases and bed sheets once a week.

i showered twice a day. i washed my face in the shower at night time with this L'Oreal Exfotonic thing...it comes in a green tube. here in australia, it's a little expensive at $20 a tube, but it was the only stuff i could find with alpha hydroxy acid, and this doctor on Oprah said to basically not waste your time on anything that doesn't have AHA. in the morning, i just rinse off with cold water first, then take a shower.

before i get into bed at night, i put some 2.5% benzoyl peroxide on commonly affected areas of my face.

basically, the only chemicals that are on my face are the face wash, benzoyl peroxide, and aftershave (this clinique anti-blemish stuff that is REALLY good...after i put it on, my ex girlfriend always comments on how clear my skin looks)

the biggest change really has been me sleeping on my back, and avoiding touching my face, or scratching any part of my face, especially in the middle of the day, when my hands may be a little dirty. this seems to have helped immensely, because when i slip up and sleep with my face against the pillow, i typically see a blemish in the relevant area within a few days. also, my chest acne is non existent since i started sleeping on my back (although i have a buttload of keloid scars left over).

it hasn't been a 100% cure...i still have blemishes from time to time, but they're extremely minor, compared to the cystic stuff i used to get. it's possible that i've just grown out of the acne, but like i said, when i slip up in my routine, i notice the breakouts returning.

so to sum up: i keep my face clean with minimal chemicals, and i try to never touch my face with ANYTHING unless absolutely necessary.

it's been my experience that different things work for different people, but this is what worked best for me, and i hope maybe it'll give new ideas to someone who wants to try something simple before forking over a few Jacksons on more face chemicals.

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wow glad such changes in habits improved your skin tremendously. it's true there's many things we consider too petty to make any change but then sometimes they really are the main cause of the problem.

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