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Not washing face some nights........

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Shit, I am too tired to wash my face. I feel guilty, but just want to go to sleep, I did not wash this AM either as I was still dry from BP.

I don't have make-up on, but is this bad.??? Or good to produce some natural oil once in a while????

It does not happen too often, but I am exausted...........

Wha to do?????????

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As long as you haven't got any make up on then I see nothing wrong in not washing your face. I can't not wash as I feel too greasy, but if your skin feels fine, then that ok.

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Help, like does anyone get too tired on occasion to do this??

Will I wake up with major zits tomorrow.??

We'll I guess I'll deal with them as I am like falling asleep.

The guilt feeling kicks in though as I lay there, just wanted to know if people do this from time to time?

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This happens to me sometimes too. Same thing in the morning if it's like really cold and it's nice and warm under the bed covers and I just want to watch some DVD's or TV or whatever until the afternoon.

To be honest, I notice that this usually makes my acne worse. So I'm trying not to let it happen much if at all. The more consistent I am with my regimen, the more consistently clear my face is.

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Yeah, it was 48 hours straight with tiny bit of concealer on, and mineral powder.

Had alot of business engagements, thn came home and burned out in front of the computer. Too tired for anything else.

Well my face is fine. For now.

Thanks for the input,

anyone else????????

Sometimes I am just too tired to wash. (I washed already this night though, cant sleep for personal reasons.)

don't need more than a few hours now though, as I have been sick, and sleeping like 10-12 hours/night.

Too much.!!!!!! Now I need to catch up on awakness!!!!!!!


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I think that not washing your face once a week is a good thing to do.

I was washing my face every single day, morning and eveing since I'm on CSR (for about 1 month now - previously I only used BP at night, which was helping but not as much as full CSR).

One week ago I didn't apply BP at night and didn't even wash my face. And the next day my face looked much better than usually. So I think that skipping BP(just wash face with water) one night every week is good for skin. And I'm sure it won't cause any new acne, for me it takes 4-5 days not using BP to get acne.

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For myself, skipping a CSR application/face washing is an invitation to a breakout. I've noticed that if I skip the moisturiser step, I get a break out, so if you can get away with it that is good.

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sometimes I go 2-3 days without washing my face and it usually looks better. but if I go longer then that my pores get to clogged and you can see my skin flaking off it looks gross. just do it in moderation. I find washing to much, scratching and irritating your skin is a lot worse then not washing at all

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