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If you've been on 60mgs of Accutane for 1 1/2 months now, yet your skin (particularly your T-zone; mainly your nose) is still geting a little oily from time to time, what does that mean? Does that mean your dose it too low? Isn't Accutane supposed to make your skin completely dry to where you skin stops producing surface-oil?

Thanks for the help.

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ask your derm for sure.... depending on your weight and severity, they might up your dose to 80mg or something.

I was on 40mg and after a month my skin wasn't dry, so I went on 50mg for a month and again my skin wasn't dry..... now I'm on 60mg and it's okay. You just need to find the right dosage for your skin and weight, but your derm might refuse.

60mg should still be doing it's job hopefully!

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I've been using 60mg/day for 1.5 months now and my t zone isn't dry. it's not oily but def not dry either. how much do you weigh? ask your doctor next time you have an appointment.

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ive been on 10mg for almost 6 months now. my derm never raised the dosage and said it was just right for my weight. i do get fluctuating sebum production from time to time (but never as greasy as before tane). even with a little oily skin, i still didnt get breakouts. ive noticed, though, my face gets really oily when i apply topical meds for consecutive days. ive stopped using my topicals now, been using cleansets less often ever since i started moojamba's hot water method (60-100sec soak) which tremendously reduced my oiliness.

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