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I Need a cheaper place to buy B5. I am spending A LOT!!!!

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I've been buying B5 at GNC in caps of 500mg. So, I have to take about 18 caps a day and the whole bottle is over in A WEEK!

Each bottle is $10.

I don't want to spend $120 for 3 months of B5.

Is there anywhere cheaper that I can order the vitamin?????

Thanks a lot,

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I also spent a lot on twinlab brand capsules as well. I searched all over the web and found that the best alternative is to use pure pantothenic acid powder. It tastes a little weird at first, but after a while you kind of get used to it.

I buy NOW brand pure pantothenic acid powder and also capsules at this website: http://vitaglo.com/

...you won't find them cheaper anywhere else. And NOW brand vitamins seem to work even better than other brands. smile.gif

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I was talking about the pure NOW B-5 powder. It's 8oz or 227g for $11.89, plus vitaglo.com offers free shipping on orders $50 and over. biggrin.gif

...another thing I'd like to add, brand does matter. I've tried the Swanson brand B-5, but I think the NOW brand is more effective. I've read in several websites that brands such as Twinlabs, GNC, NOW and a couple others I can't remember have proven very effective; while others such as Solgar, which ironically is the most expensive, and a few others I can't remember either have not yielded good results.

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for everyone who has ever complained about the prices of b5, i am from canada and am using evolution x, which is supposed to be a reputibale source, but its costing me 60 bucks a bottle which lasts only 3 weeks. so, if anyone can tell me the best brand to get for you buck i would be grateful.

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Evolution X was the first brand I tried, but I also stopped using it because of the relatively high cost compared to other brands. Nowaday I take NOW brand pure pantothenic acid and I also take a Centrum multivitamin/mineral capsule a day, and all I can say is I JUST COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!

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