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Y chap sticks don't help me???...

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Hello, long time didn't post here, as everything is going well with my face, but still have zits here and there because I got a cold from the cooling weather here in NY.

My lips are a disaster, I don't know why but I have this ugly dry whitish film over my buttom lip, and I don't know what else to do because I used every chapstick from rite aid. It does not help me, but even dries my lip more. I drink a lot of water, but it has no effect. What is causing my lips to dry if I'm not on any meds?

People what is the solution to my problem if chapsticks don't work???? Sometimes the lip gets so dry that I bite off the dry chapped film of skin. (I know to graphic and bwahhh) :wall::ninja: It's starting to bother me more now because I don't feel comfortable around girls in college.

Thank You

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Chapstick is primarily a waxy product that makes your lips feel smooth temporarily. It addresses the symptoms of chapped lips in the short-term, but it doesn't improve the underlying condition of chapped lips - a lack of oil and moisture.

First, increase your consumption of water. This will provide your body and, in turn, your skin with much needed moisture.

Then my recommendation is to gently massage a very small amount of Australian emu oil on the lips. It heals and provides oil to further moisturize and lubricate the skin. Unlike Chapstick that just sits on the surface of the skin, emu oil has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. It also heals various skin conditions, has anti-inflammatory properties and it is a safe and natural product. A search for "emu oil" on this site will provide you with an abundance of details on the product.

Others have had some success with Vaseline (i.e. petroleum jelly) or Blistex. These alternatives are petroleum/chemical based and may not have the healing benefits of emu oil.

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What kind are you using? There are a lot of chapsticks out there that are bunk. They don't moisturize, they just strip skin cells off your lips.

If you're using Blistex like most people do...Stop. Their active ingredient is Salicylic Acid...The same stuff we use on our faces to strip skin cells off to prevent acne, lol.

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