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my makeup issue.

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well now i'm using tazorac.

and i notic the flakys.. when i moisturize it looks like it goes away. but then i add makeup and surprise surprise! my face is flaky/ dry looking (but totally mositurized!)

So my problem is just that. what makeup do i use?

I tried bareminerals and gave it to my mom who ran out of her kit she loves it.. i found it didn't work for me.

I've been hearin lots on this joppa minerals....

but will it do the same thing, and if not make it more noticeable b/c its a pwdr that's dry?

any recs for a good fdtn.

or a good exfoliater to get rid of the flakiness? or any other recs?!


I usually would go around w/out makeup... but on certain days.

*ahem boys* ...

I like to look more presentable/ cover up my breakouts.

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You might try adding three drops of jojoba oil to your moisturizer- this is something Dan just added to the CSR, and it is wonderful for stopping the flakes....

Joppa and Everyday Minerals are both great choices for makeup, but I would suggest using the jojoba oil to ensure the flakes are gone before applying makeup.

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Also try emu oil, they're great for moisturing and they're also an antiseptic, so they help treat your active acne as well. Not to mention they make the mineral makeup look flawless. Joppa sells pure emu oil for a very low price.

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Guest blackheadben

do what I do if I have a flaky area. Apply your makeup, powder and all. Then dab, DO NOT RUB, a little bit on moisturizor over the make up on the flakies. Let it sit till almost completely asorbed. Then take your CLEAN make up sponge and dab, DO NOT RUB, the remaing away. Voila! If you were careful not to rub at all, which would smear your makeup, it looks flakey free!

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How much is jojoba oil and where can you find it? How do you apply it?


Most health food type of stores. www.drugstore.com has it if you can order online. It isnt really cheap. I think I paid about $6 for smallish bottle at Trader Joes. You dont need to use much though, so it will last awhile.

I've tried Desert Essence & another brand I can remember the name of. Both were 100% organic jojoba oil & both have worked great.

It will make your face shiny for about 10 minutes until it is soaked in & then you will look great. It actually seems to help control oiliness & shine for those who have a problem with that. It has not made me break out at all (any more than I do anyway) & I've used it for 2 months. Everyone is different though.

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Guest Sincerely_Me

Actually jojoba oil is less oily than traditional oils...

But I have no idea how it can make you less oily. I don't see that it would, but the point isn't to stop the oilyness, it's to stop the flakes!

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My regimine (in my signature) has helped a lot. I've put up a lot of posts about it, now that I think I have something that actually works. The key, if you ask me, is getting the flakes off, then making sure you are mousterizing and protecting the skin below.

Good luck!

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