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For anyone that suffers from very sensitive skin with acne I would recommend to try a simple routine that I fine effective.

Firstly determine how often you need to wash your face.For myself I only need to wash it once at night and just splash with cold water in the mornings.I found that washing it twice daily made it break out more and stripped the skin of essential healing oils.

I've tried hundreds of facial washes until one day I finally found the right one.


This is a highly effective face wash that doesnt strip the skin and actually improves the condition and clarity of the skin with regular use.

As I said I've tried hundreds but nothing is better than this.

For shaving I would recommend using a Mach 3 Turbo razor,and once again ZIRH SHAVING CREAM .....its very kind to the skin and will in no way irriatate it.

I recommend avoiding moisturisers unless its entirely essential from excess dryness.They tend to matt into the pores and in some cases if not cleansed properly can become infected from left behind residue.

So overal I would just recommend the simple facial wash daily,the shave cream.....and after shaving your skin is bound to feel tight ....and here I recommend using PYHTOMER COOL MARINE AFTER SHAVE LOTION.

Some might say Im insane recommending an after shave with acne....but in actual fact this is excellent.Its alcohol free so there is no sting and once again improves the condition of the skin and heals any red or cut spots.

These products arent very expensive and last for ages.

I recommend this routine for anyone that suffers from red irriated skin with acne.Its highly effective and with regular use should make the skin look an awful lot better,gradually clearing the complexion.

All these products can be found at : -


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