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my regimine log ... taz and minocyclin

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well here i began. again. I wont go into too much detail about my history.

lets just say.. since puberty, i've never known clear skin.

around jr. high i started a derm. who was horrible, and what she gave me was really bad.

So i switched out, and got a new derm. Dr. Tanghetti... word on the street is he knows his stuff! Let's hope so.

Well highschool-ish I started his regimine of tazorac at nite, duac in the morning, and some pills.. pink ones. i forget the name, but they gave me stomach aches.. so now i'm on minocyclin

lets just say my discipline was really bad. I would never do what he said.. maybe every few nites actually put on my taz, always forget to take my pills... never seeing results. and i got discouraged. HELLO!??! u have to STAY ON TRACK. I became so fed up with peeling..and was a social and self confident mess... but i'm realizing that ur friends still love you, and any potential mates must be worth it to see the inner beauty. (currently single :wub: )

So i just sort of stopped. and switched from various otc and drug and department store brands. wasting my money.. recently did that whole proactiv thing and yup.. saw results... then they stopped.

but now that i have grown, and gotten self discipline.

I'm willing to wait it out this time.

so tonight is actually day 3 of taz..... mmm no big difference. just the normal peelyness, a smallll reduction in the monster breakouts from hell on my chin...... baby steps. baby steps.

here i go.. wish me luck.

I'll prob be posting pictures every week or so... maybe one later tonight :think:

we'll see.

(i'll update every friday.. so lets count this post as "friday")

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well things got wierd b/c the taz i'd found was expired (so i stopped/waited)

So it took my mom this long to get the prescription filled.

that said.

DAY 2:

I notice the smoothness of my skin right after.

It does get dry/flaky. i try to gently exfoliate. .jojoba oil after... kind of helps. i dont wear makeup b/c then u notice the peeling SO much more worse.

however, my chin is HELL i'd say about 5 big zits. that have come to head, 3 reallllly small ones that are going away.

my cheeks are okay. mostly red marks and two pimples on my left and one on my right that are worth stressing.

all in all i'm okkkkkkkkkay not good though.

my chin is stressing me out. like I dont want to go to class tomorrow. but i'm going to..... college. its big time now.

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Well things aren't aaaaaaaaas bad as they were awhile ago. I have some redmarks leftover from healed acne or ones that've gone away. in time I know those'll fade. they're not my main issue now b/c theyre easy to cover with makeup.

The active acne i do have is getting quite smaller and is becoming more smooth not as big and i can tell it'll be okay within afew days. Which is good. overall my complexion i can see is improving and is smoother. I'm not as flaky today as before... we'll see though.

have my fingers crossed!!

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