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ivory soap vs neutrogena salicylic acid

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i used ivory liquid soap on my face and it cleared my acne 100%...but left red marks. i stopped using it and i dont know why lol

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I use ivory soap followed up with Benz-oil (oil-suspended 10%BP). I only use ivory because it's the cheapest bar soap we got around here so it's what we buy.Works well for me. My face does get very dry though. I'm probably going to try and switch to an unmedicated "scrub" wash... something with natural exfoliating crap in it... once I get clear again from my two weeks off of BP. I dont want any exfoliating microbeads/whatever opening any small whiteheads and causing extra redness and infection.

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I had decent experience with dove when I was just washing with bar soap. Didnt help my acne but didnt dry my face or cause any extra acne. Also cetaphil makes a bar soap and cetaphil products have always been spoken highly of to me.

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did ivory realy help your acne beany

yes...and i used it because of a recommendation from a friend. why would i say it did if it didnt?> :S it dried the zits and they fell off....

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