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i stopped using soap or cleansers a while ago cause i always had a residue left over now matter how long i rinsed my face off for. but i still get a waxy, yellowish residue left on my face from just using water (ive been doin that dip method for about a week). anyone know what that residue is? i havent used anything on my face but water for a couple months.

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Lampwick, Don't stress.

I've been soap/ cleanser free and BP free for 97 days. I too noticed that yucky feeling in the beginning...it's like a scummy feeling for the first month, on and off. It's probably excess skin cells , sweat and oil, maybe some bad bacteria and good bacteria mixed in? Sounds gross but this is just what you want!!!!

If you're like me you've probably been washing your face several times a day with soap and slathering topicals on your face for a long time trying to clear up?

I did this for 10 yrs. The first 3 yrs it worked. My skin was sometimes red and flaky and coworkers would comment on my dry skin but as for my acne .... for those first 3 yrs using BP gels, my skin was flawless. But then BP stopped working and even though I kept applying it 2 x a day faithfully....my face still broke out.

I am now 35yrs old and have not grown out of acne. I really believe I would have grown out of acne a long time ago if I had never used BP for all those years. Before BP my acne was mild. Now its moderate. NO ONE else in my large family has acne like me. A few had some zits when they were teens, nothing major.... but noone had it in their twenties and thirties like me. SO, BP had to be a major factor in prolonging it for me in my opinion.

If I were you I wouldn't let a little skin grubbiness skin stop me from giving this water only method some time to work. If it really bothers you... Just apply a thin baking soda/ water paste for 15 minutes every other day to get it off. The baking soad will take off some of the excess oil. I mean, if you can eat baking soda then it can't be that irritating to your face. But I'd only do the Baking SOda mask infrequently and eventually stop doing it altogether because it can be too drying and defeat the purpose of the water only method... which is to allow the skin to regulate itself and heal.

The reason you feel that waxy residue is probably because your face is reliant on soap and BP/ SA topicals to strip it of oils and excess skin cells. So now it's like: WHUT's going on here?!?

It doesn't know what to do. It's kind of backing up. It's expecting to be scrubbed or covered with chemicals to slough off the dead skin cells and regulate the oil etc.

If you do decide to stick with this water only method... in no time you'll start to notice that your face is not oily at all. In fact, you'll start saying it's even a bit flaky which will amaze you because you always were told you couldn't get the grease off without soap.

But heads up.... Rome wasn't built in a day..... be patient and stick with this water only for at least 3 months. You may be like me and see a bad break out at first but will notice a calming down at around the 2 1/2 month point.

If I had it to do it all over again..... I would've ditched soap and all the acne gels LONG AGO. Right now my face isn't clear but it's as clear as it was when I was using BP.


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