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Predisone question

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I finally got my prescription for Accutane today and my doctor is starting me off at 40mg a day. He also gave me Predisone (30mg for 5 days, 20mg for next 5 days, and finally 10mg for the last 5 days), which I am a little concerned about. Apparently, this is for the initial breakout that I may have. But i've never had cystic acne in my life, do I really need to take this? I've read some of the side effects and it said facial swelling and weight gain can occur. Can this happen for short term use? I basically just want to know if it's necessary to take this and if I can avoid taking it without regreting it.


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i would suggest taking it man the doc knows best accutane basically cleared up my whole face ..and now i just got some marks...

if u dont kno this already try limiting dairy like milk cheese yogurt and ice cream this helped me and hopefully u too Good luck

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most side effects are with long term use. I love love love prednisone and nothing has ever made my skin look better. Just take it.

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Prednisone is great! He gave it to you because it helps bring down the swelling of your cysts. I've been on it twice--once for cysts, and once after a laser treatment. There are only side effects if it's used long term. You have nothing to worry about.

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