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When you have a pimple, w/ or w/o a head, that is inflammed, what is the inflammed stuff? Is it your body's puss, or is it a collection of the bacteria (p. acnes or wahtever) that grew and caused the zit? What kind of spot treatment would be better for that?

I feel like if it is a collection of the bacteria, then bp would be better, since it kills the bacteria. But, on the other hand, if it is just your body's normal inflammatory response than maybe bp's antibac properties would be useless, and the cell shedding caused by salicylic acid / aha would cause your body to process the pimple quicker. So confused, don't know what cream to put on active ones (am currently using a mix for preventive purposes, typically 90% of applications are sa or sa/aha, and sometimes I'm doing a good bp app before bed on my jawline)

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SA makes cells shed, correct? this makes the clogs less likely to happen, meaning less likely to create a pimple. I could also see this working to break down a pimple.

BA kills the bacteria. if it does this in your skin damn near all day (by rubbing in hella large amounts of cream every 12 hours), it keeps the bacteria away, hence no bacteria to start a pimple. But, once a pimple is there, if it were just full of the bacteria, then bp would be better.

Nobody here knows what's inside the pimple? Whether it is a lot of bacteria, or a lot of your body's own defenses? If we knew what was in it i htink this would be an easy answer

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