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hi all day 3 for me of accutane

background info:

22yr old female

ont canada

employed as an OB nurse

cystic acne for 10 yrs but persistant for 1 yr, with scarring....

just started accutane 40mg once daily and scared as hell! i also take b/c bill, and effexor for anxiety.....

supplements: omega 3, vitamin c, vitamin e, acidophillus.....

hmm what else?

oh, i have been with my bf for 6 months, but we are experiencing a "rough patch" and this will probably not help my accutane journey... oh well ..thats men for ya heheh

went to walmart today and stocked up on cetaphil, chapstick etc.......

fell like im getting a cold today, but that could just be the weather or the accutane???


heres some pics..me with clear skin, and me like a week ago...with crap skin and mid argument with my bf:( lotsa fun!

heres and icky one:(





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so day 4 of accutane...

is it weird that my lips are already chapped and my forehead is dry??

anywho, that is managable i guess..

what isint, is the fact that i now have a huge zit near my lip and my boyfriend last night said "what is that on your lip?? do you have herpes? are you sure that is a zit? "

yay...way to make me feel better:(

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awwwwwww, you're so pretty! :wub:

tell your bf to stop being a dick. explain that it was really hard for you to go on this drug and you are doing it for yourself so you will look better and feel better about yourself..... and that you need his support.

good luck! oh and the dryness can happen that early, although we tend to notice more just because we are taking the pills..... it's a mental thing.

In a week or two you should notice a huge difference! Get your creams and lip stuff ready! ;)

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okay day 5 and i can honestly say my skin is so freakin dry!

i wear mineral makeup, and i glanced at myself in the car mirror and it looked like my face had turned to stone....ewww

my lips are so chapped they hurt:(

oh and did i mention i have like 3 cysts brewing on my chin?? grrrrr

i wonder if this is the dreaded "IB"

so far im using:

cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer.

clindoxyl on active cystic acne

40mg accutane daily

vitamins E, C and omega 3's daily.

diane 35

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hope stuff is going well! that dry skin won't be as bad as having terrible skin forever! i'm on effexor too...its good stuff and keeps me sane!


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thanks guys for the support..soooo needed right now...

day 6 and initial breakout is on its way:(

my nose is so dry i look like im recovering from sunburn (blah)

my lips are peeling:(

tomorrow will be week one so ill take some pics..

stay posted!

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thanks guys for the support..soooo needed right now...

day 6 and initial breakout is on its way:(

my nose is so dry i look like im recovering from sunburn (blah)

my lips are peeling:(

tomorrow will be week one so ill take some pics..

stay posted!

day 11:

side effects

initial breakout (i hope) huge cysyts, that are red and peeling, flaking skin

facial flushing

chapped lips

super dry scalp

depression (but not related to tane, related to bf dumping me)

time to go post some pics in the tane gallery

then cry myself to sleep

i really hope accutane works...clear skin would be a nice pick me up from a broken heart:(

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k vendra

i am sorry you were dumped. any chance of you getting back together?

break ups are so painful. how long were you together? you can make it through! just know when you finish tane, your confidence will be so high and you will be drawing men like nobody's biz. there are so many men out there...but i know its hard when you want one that doesn't want you in the moment. what went wrong with you guys?

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long story short...

together 6 months, so close with eachother...

hes been "legally separated" for 2 yrs, has a 5 yr old daughter...

i told him i am not comfortable that he is not DIVORCED.....finito....

he says the only diff btween legal separation and divorce is that he cannot remarry at the present time and hes not looking to get married next week.

i exlpained, its hurtful to know the one you love is still tied to someone else...

no hes going to "think about things" which basically means hes stalling bfore he dumps me..he doesnt want to divorce and i dont know why.i just love him so much..this hurts:(

our convo ended with him hanging up on me...that was 2 hrs ago:(

still crying..

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aw chica, did he seem still in love with his wife? i was with someone who was seperated only and had a 5 year old once to! it took a year being with him before he finally got divorced and that was only cause the mom wanted it. i always felt he could go back to her before the divorce. but, i think a lot of the times it is because of the child. I know how you feel. So, it sounds like you might still get back as long as you come from a patient letting go place. You might have to let go of the attatchment to him getting divorced. Call him back when you feel more peaceful and tell him you care enough about him to be patient and stick by him as he figures out what he is doing. this is what men in this situation need. I went through, so I must have been drawn to answer you for a reason i guess. I know this must be painful, but i think it is salvagable with phone call, an open heart, and a little letting go as well as trust that if you are meant to be, he will eventually let go of his wife. much support from a friend far away.

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omg....quite possible the worst weekend ever!

i went to my bfs to discuss things friday am, he ended up saying he wants to be on his own! i thought i was having a serious mental breakdown...i mean, it really caught me off guard...anyways after begging and pleading (afterall, he said he did love me and want to be with me he was just "messed in the head" right now, he decided to stay with me)

now i know what youre thinking...this girl is a total loser for being with this guy..thing is, for 6 months hes been nothing but amazing to me...we spent the weekend together and he confessed he's depressed, which is in turn making him feel bad for putting his issues on me. he says he does love me and thanked me for being there for him. i explained to him that hes always been there for me and im just doing the same...if he was like this when i first met him, i prolly wouldnt have gone on a second date! but i know he has a good heart, and hopefully he can get his depression under control..also, im going to leave the whole divorce issue for a while.

anyways, back to acne (thats what this board is all about afterall)

ok just over 2 weeks into it.

lips are so freakin dry they hurt.

new cysts popping up every day:( and most are in places i have had them in in the past, so i wonder..is this accutane's way of getting rid of all the crap under my skin?? hmmm..

dry skin

facial flushing on occasion..

anyways, im stickin with it! and i hope these cysts subside soon..they hurt!

ps- i posted some pics in the accutane gallery

thanks for the support hun, its nice to know i have a friend in a far away place that has gone thru some of the same stuff and made it out alive:)

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and i am going to look out for YOU! :popcorn: i'll talk to ya lata

update day 18

lips are dry

cold sore type thing goin on, but NOT cold sores??

joints hurt.

cant stop crying...bf dumped me for good today....it hurts like hell guys...

cysts still persisting...

needless to say, im pretty depressed, not due to accutane but due to the breakup...

i hope accutane start clearin up my skin soon!

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Hey there. Best of luck with the Roaccutane; and life in general, hope things work out for the best.

thanks danno..i need all the luck i can get right now!

so im 3 weeks into my course (about there) and i can basically say NO improvement in skin as of yet:(

new cysts on my chin, andthe old cysts are just scabbing and looking quite horrible.

lips are peeling and bleeding.

oh, did i mention that i have the flu ??

also, the other day i had the shakes so bad at work, sweating a ton, and felt like i was going to pass out...i have a feeling accutane isint mixing with my migrade meds or something weird...

anyways, just wanted to quickly update...

ill write more after my blood work and derm appt nxt week.

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I'm just now starting my 4th week of accutane. I havent had any improvements either- before i started the treatment i steamed my face every other day and i think it has helped with the IB....unless i havent gotten there yet :doubt: Anyways, my cheeks and nose continue to peel and peel and peel- its discusting, even when i use my moisturizer many times (its mixed with jojoba oil to help) My makeup pretty much peels right off after 4 hours......ugh.

Keep up the faith though-i hope some good things come soon for you! :)

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well just finishing MONTH 1:

acne has not improved...looks almost like scabs are coming about on my face...hard not to pick tho.

lips are bleeding and chapped.

dry face.

now on to the mental state: NOT GOOD...i think most of it is to do with my bf. he has been going thru his own stuff lately and ive tried to be so supportive. he's so up and down with me. we fight about everything and anything and i dont even know why. he blows up on me all the time..just today we got in a tiff and he started screaming at me at the top of his lungs and swearing at me, so i stated to cry. then he told me to pull it the f*&^ together and stop crying...10 min later he apologizes for yelling and tries to cuddle me...i dont get it...i feel like im being emotionally abused and hes wearing me down bigtime but at the same time im afraid to be without him.

hmm, i suppose i should stop chatting about him and stick to my acne issues...time to cry myself to sleep yet again.

will update with pics this week

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Never quite understand why women will allow a man to treat them badly when there are plenty of guys out there that will treat that same woman like a princess.

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its a battle to find the one that you know really cares about you. Eventually you will find that one, and if not, they will find you. Good luck on your tane, i know it will help you, as it did for me. I had like 2 months of no or worse improvement in my skin and I started to have doubts. Now i really am so glad that i went on accutane, i look a lot better and feel better too. My back is completely clear, and my face is clear, but has red marks, so im happy. Just keep up on it, it will come around and you will be glad you stayed on the tane.

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i hope it starts to help...lately i feel hopeless about the whole accutane program:(

end of month 2 and my skin is TERRIBLE....

instead of getting cysts, i now get red scabs that peel. im starting to think this stuff is having an adverse effect on me. eek!

i added some pics in the gallery 4 all to see..kinda scary, but check them out and let me know what you guys think about the scabbed areas...

normal? not normal?

ps- the bf is okay right now....but who knows for how long.blah

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i won't even comment on the guy thing. men are just as complicated as women supposedly are sometimes. ugh.

try exfoliating gently with a washcloth. helped me a lot.. just don't do it more than twice a week. i can only wear makeup if i have exfoliated. i don't think you can use too much moisture. I apply mine a lot. My skin looks 100x better already.. Don't worry. It will get better!

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