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New to Accutane!!! and need some help??

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id love to start a an accutane log.......though im not sure how. i have to say, since ive told those that im closest to that im starting accutane, the feedback has NOT been good, so i hope i can stay with it...

a bit of backgroud info.

22 yr old female

Ont canada

cystic acne off and on since i was 11, but persistant for a year, and devastating...

i work as a nurse, and half the time i call in sick because i am embarassed to go into public....

my derm took one look at me and said, you have cystic acne...one word..accutane...

anyways, i would appreciate it if you guys could give me some info on how to start a log of my accutane journal, you all seem so supportive here:)


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just start one up in the accutane logs...... do it, do it nowwwwww! ;)

put a little background and make sure to keep track of the days (or weeks at least) and what happens. list your side effects, thoughts, questions, etc.

take pictures (people likey da pics) whenever you can and post those suckers! we are here to support you, not judge you or make you feel bad about your acne so don't worry about your pics!

we are in the same boat, and hopefully you'll get some great advice and tips from the users here that will make your accutane run easier....

welcome to the club, you are officially cool :P

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