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I look like a dried TOMATO *cries* Pls help a newbie out :-(

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sad.gif i've juss started dan's regimen this sunday. it's thurs now. i look like a tomato. my cheeks n forehead r all red. looks like i was toasted under the sun. evil.gif

also, i'm peelin' like a snake molting. is this all normal. i need to know that i'm not just the one who experiencing this. its my first time to use BP. everytime i apply it, i turn red. but after a couple of hours it goes away. will it always be like this. everytime time i apply bp i turn into tomato? or will this subside.? how many weeks before redness n peelin goes away.

whut's da solution. less bp n lots of moisturizer? pls tell me that this redness will soon go away cuz im gettin pissed n conscious:x i'm in dire need of your help sad.gif:-#

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at least I hope it is-- but it maytake awhile...I am on week 4 and I am still peeling (maybe it is my cleanser?) but the redness goes away after about 1-1 1/2 weeks. Though periodically you may get a red day here or there...just don't give up. I know it sucks but keep doing the regimen.

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to get rid of the dead dried skin on ur face, get a aha moisturizer lotion

most ppl use the eucerin one but i use the neutrogena one since i cant find eucerin

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tnks for the advice.. i'm still flakin like crazy over here sad.gif gahhhh... i really wish the redness/flaking will go away in 2 weeks or less [-o< i think i only have 1 active huge zit on my forehead... the only real problem is the redspots n uneven skintone.... i want it to go away. .. also the peelin/redness dat came w usin BP. other than that, is all good #-o

BTW. i use neutrogena too... but still flaky... n i got rough red patches... how do i get rid of dat?

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