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What kind of makeup for covering acne scarring (indented kind)?

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There are lots of us who have substantial scarring.

I was just wonder what techniqes and makeup can help with this kind of scarring? (rolling, icepick, boxcar)

I am an unusual kind. Aging skin + a little bit of mild acne + super-oily skin + a few wrinkles + acne scarring. I am not sure, but sometimes I think makeup pools up in my scarring because I am so very oily (cheeks too). And it does not last long either, seems to sink right into pores and scars.

I am light skinned, not real porcelian, with slightly pink undertones.

Any suggestions for people with indentations in their face?

Skin product tips are welcome too!!!

Thanks :)

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I just started trying Philosophy's The Present skin primer; that goes over my moisturizer with sunscreen. The primer needs to set at least 2 minutes; it's mostly silicone, but it's fairly lightweight. Foundation over that. I think it kind of helps the scarring be less noticible.

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I also have some rolling scars and I've used almost every kind of makeup there is. I really like mineral makeup and will never go back to liquid. I've tried almost all of the brands mentioned here, Joppa, EDM, AubreyNicole and just ordered Afterglow. I found EDM to be too much coverage (caked on looking), believe it or not (mineral makeup, for me at least is 'less is more'), Joppa is really nice and I ordered AubreyNicole and just started using that and really like it probably best right now :)...I'll see when my Afterglow arrives, which one I decide to buy full size and stick with. They all offer sample sizes from free (EDM) to $1.00 (AubreyNicole) to kits (Joppa and Afterglow for $20 or so). You really have to try them to see what works best for you. I think a couple of those mentioned have a coupon code for acne.org for a % off. Look around the threads here to see which ones.

Good luck,


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