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What defines a scar?

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what defines a scar? Is that when you have a lawrence fishbourne chunk of your face missing, or can it be light discolored marks that just seem to hang out? I guess what I am asking is if scars are only a matter of texture, because if they are, I'll be releived.

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I would define a scar as the bodies attempt to repair an injury to the dermis with that attempt resulting in an arrangement of collagen that is different than that of the individual's uninjured skin.

I know that on this board we don't like to think of red marks as scars and tend to want to focus more on topographical variations rather than those of color. I would therefore say that if you can cover it with make-up and not see a depression, raised mark, or change in texture it probably isn't a true scar.

Just my thoughts.


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aha. I also read on dan's page that these things take months to go away, so the illusion of permanence can be there.

Well, I could never wear makeup, becuase I would be too afraid of people realizing that I was wearing it (men don't wear makeup in my culture) But that's okay, because we can grow facial hair. It evens out.

Godammit. I hate pretty people. I want to kill them!(where's the evil emoticon when you need it?)

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I would say a scar causes a change to the texture of the skin. Not too sure though... but if you can feel it without looking then there's an almost definite chance that it is a scar.

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