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Hello everyone. After clearing hardly my acne with GLA I were pretty happy but I couldnt solve problem zits that i still left have zitz and want to finish for once my skin oillness . So in our city we have many beauty centers clinic that allmost have anti acne prorams.. But for now best one I found in clinic FS and FLA . ( http://flaviusbaku.com/ Their OFwebsite ) Anyways they checked my face condition , test diagnostit allergies , hormones level , etc... So they recommend me to join program Ultimate Demodex Program that takes 14-20 days.. In the end program you would have no any acne zit or even 80% oilness skin down .. (however they still dont know how much time it would take me to be fully clear max 1-2 month) And well I am accepted and signed.. So let's See what this program contain:

* DIET (During program)

* Supplements (A lot >,<)

* Procedures Topical : Pro 4 step Microdermbasion , ALA Chemical Peeiling (one of my fav :D ) and some gels apply over night.


Supplements Daily:

* Flukonazol 150mg - 1 Tablet

* Immunal 80Mg - 2 Tablets

* Antihistaminik Tabegyl 1Mg - 1 tablet

* Kefzol 1gr - 2times to blood

* Metronidazole 250mg - 2 tablet

* Solutio Acidi Ascorbinici Vitamine C 2Ml 5% - 1 time to blood

* Pantothenic Acid B5 500mg - 4 capsule (2gr b5 totsl a day)

* AEVIT (Retinvol + Vitamin E) - 2 gel caps a day

Topical :

* Tonic FR clinic made (contain Zinc , B5 , other thing) Apply morning wait 1 houre than wash off - Befors sleep apply and dont wash sleep (Use till bottle finish)

* Metrogyl Metronidazole Gel USP 1% Morning apply and dont wash

* ColoBiocin - To eye 4 time a day

* A4 sof gel Made by FR (contain zinc, vaselin etc..) - apply afternoon to face and leave it




Not allowed:

Sheep Meat

Fried foods

Pure salt

canned foods

mushroom and fish souces

Mayones / Ketchup

Citrus Fruits (Orange , lemon etc...)



Soda (cola pepsi sprite)




Black Tea


1.5 or 2l water a day (Need)

whole grain / oat meal (No suger)

brown rice

Pure white chicken meat (No skin)

Sweet potato

Fishes (Boiled . raw or streamed)


All vegetables (Again No tomato)



White tea , green or detox (DeCaffeined)



A week 1 time Pro.Microderm , 2 week ALA chemical peeiling + face masage for now.


In first they didnt wanted to accept me becouse I am was very stressfull so they told me relax and belive other way we cancel program.. Hope it would work


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that's a lot! although it seems that your skin doesnt need that much treatment, i really hope you're in good hands with flavius.

if you have time, would you mind translating into english those supplements? :D do you speak russian?

good luck!

P.S. keep us updated with pics ok? :)

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Yeah I'm curious as well what those supplements acctually are.

I wonder how much you're paying for this whole thing, I hope they're not ripping you off.

They're giving you abscorbic acid in a needle injection. Though I assume you're not doing that yourself.

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Oh interesting, I didn't know you were from Turkey. Mehrhaba (don't know if I spelled that right).

Well damn that is a lot. I hope it works for you.

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Merhaba Kanmi Nasilsin?

Well I am from Azerbaijan. That country near to Turkey and our language looks same kind but have diffrents...

Yes I speak russian..

Well I dont know this is their Ultimate solution to againt Demodex.. Today girl from med club came I got blood VitC and Antibiotic - also took orally and for eyes too.. Only felt sux when antiobiotic used to my blood: for 4-5 min my mouth was so dried so i ran to sleep.

PS: Those supplements 80% name wrote in english.. So you can search in google or wikipedia for info

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13 October / Day 2 [END]

Well at the moment taking daily those supplements same time morning to blood Vitamin c and antibiotic . And night again 1plug to blood Antibiotic. Kinda Feel myself so weak from those antibiotics >_< :

What is interesthing in my diet plans as clinic gaved me are totaly avoided black tea ... Hmmm Interesthing why? Maybe becouse caffein 40gr

RESULT: So far nothing changed on my skin still got few small zitz and 1 new yuk!

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If to say true Yes I am still opposed to antibiotics.. And think wont change my mind never! But seeing sucessfully patience of our clinic Flavius with this program I am thinked to join and finish for once all my skin problems.. Hope would be sucesfully in the end. :)

I thought you were opposed to antibiotics?

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After finish this program result need to be that you dont get any acne or zit.. Demodex source need to killed. After finish this program they have anti-aging /Skin diets that if you want you can move on that diet also use some supplements for skin... to keep skin healthy...

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don't die of a drug overdose lol. Seriously your going to die from so much lol. I take 3 medicines and i hate having that many lol.

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Well, i'm a bit skeptical on the demodex thing. The demodex mites have been associated with rosacea, but not so much acne.

However, with 2 antibiotics and an antifungal, i'll be surprised if you don't clear. I will be surprised if you remain clear afterwards.

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Yes well I am allready seing improvement. Also my doctors said me after finish this program I need to move diffrent program for naurish skin + take new supplement called "Coenzyme A"

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Sorry guys to making you confuse:

Ok well: I am atm on Demodex program once I am get clear I am gonno quit this programs. Than there have program called Radiant skin Program Forever. In this program you feed your skin and anti-agign. I know that I am young so now I dont need to worry about my skin.. But I still interest in this program so better now to take care of skin :)

PS: I meant Nourish Skin Sorry :P

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