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going to 2nd course of Accutane...

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Ive taken accutane last year, and finished in december-january.

i hade cystic acne, it cleared me up, but then it started to come back. im 8 months out of accutane, i still get some cysts, although much less then before. my old red marks are fading...

i talked to a new doctor, and she is going to prescribe me Accutane again. so i have some questions(especially for people who took accutane more than 1 time)

1 - is it true that your acne NEVER gets as bad as before, after some cycle of accutane? i mean, it may come back, but never like before...?

2 - for people who took accutane twice, do you had initial breakout on the 2nd course? if so, was it as bad as on the first cycle? my doctor said i may have it, but i wanna hear personal experiences...

thats it... if everything is ok i will start it by the end of the next week, then i will post in the Personal Experiences.

and people, please, help me!! thank you!!

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in the 1st month i had one or two, in the third month i saw that it was constant, like 3,4 a month, but almost always internal pimples...

since then, i noticed that i got about 2 weeks clear, but then i broke out again. i started using differin, it cleared me for 2 weeks and then broke out with 2 or 3 cysts... then tried BP, i got a little better, but still keep having cysts sometimes...

im in the end of the 9th month without accutane, and right now i have one pimple in my beard, not big, maybe caused by big beard that i had last week... one cyst on the left, that is disappearing, but took 2 weeks to go away.. and one coming out, not big, on the right.. im like this, alwasy with 2-3 pimples... better than 10 that had before, but not perfect yet =)

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