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Anyone uses Duac gel with makeup?

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I have to put on the duac gel in the morning. But when i put my makeup on top of it, it peels. And looks horrible.

So I usually put on the gel for like 30mins and wash it off and then put on my makeup. I don't know if 30mins is enough to have any effect on the skin.

Anyone had this problem before? What did you do?

Any suggestions?

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I wear Duac in the morning as well. I put it on, and let it dry about 10 minutes, and then I put moisturizer on top, and then apply make up. Also, make sure you don't put too much Duac on in the morning!

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I'm not sure if I am applying too much Duac. As it dries, it forms kind of a thin layer on my skin. So when I apply moisturizer, it kind of peels away and forms blobs all over my face.

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Why do you have to take Duac in the morning? :eh:

With the duac/retin-a combo, they tell you to take duac in the morning and retin a at night for two reasons:

1. Retin-a makes the skin extremely sensitive to the sun, so wearing it during the day isn't the smartest thing to do.

2. Benzoyl peroxide (5% in Duac) can bleach fabrics, and if you wear it while going to sleep (and you don't have a Tempur Pedic or Sleep number bed), chances are you'll be rolling around a lot, and rubbing your face all over pillows and blankets and such, thus possibly bleaching them with face prints. Lol.

P.S: First post! Wooo! Hello, everybody! :)

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That's a good moisturizer you're using, and I used to use it. The thing with that is, it makes your makeup look kinda greasy, and doesn't absorb as well.

You should try Clinique's Dramatically Different moisturizing GEL (make sure you don't use the lotion cuz it's not oil free). Then on top of that I used Clinique's moisture surge gel. It absorbs much more quickly. I only put the second gel on top when my skin is dry and flakey from the winter air. If you live in a cold climate, it has a bad effect on your skin. But my regimen is the same as yours except that I use TretinEx (another retinoid) every other day or every two days. Make sure you use a mild cleanser, too!

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yeh it sux when u have to use topicals 4 ur skin which makes it peel or look dry bcoz sumtimes no matter how much u exfoliate or moisterise when u apply make-up it makes it look crap and end up looking like a scaly fish!

Today i had to remove my makeup like 3 times and keep moisterising etc bcoz it looked so dry and peely...having the weather boiling didnt help either coz i felt like my makeup was melting off my face : /

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