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Accutane question

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Results will be seen very quickly,within days.

You'll notice an immediate dryness of the skin....most likely within hours.

Depending on the type of acne you have will determine how quickly it goes.

If you have Acne Vulgaris with just basic postules on the face,you should see a noticeable difference after a week.

Its very important to use a facial cream to control the severe dryness and I recommend Vaseline Derma Care.Its available on a large jar and isnt expensive.

Wash the face ONCE daily whilst on Accutane and apply the cream afterwards.

I recommend ZIRH CLEAN facial wash as it maintains the balance of the skin and improves the condition without irritation.

Its very important to follow the what and what not to do whilst on Accutane as it is a very strong drug.

If you are old enough to drink alcohol....avoid it at all costs while u are on it as it will give you the worst hangover on record and will dehydrate the skin far too much that it will seem like you have taken a double dose.

Taking the medication at the proper times is also vital.

Follow the regime I recommended and you should be ok.

After the 4 month course or whatever your dermatologist recommended you should be free of acne.....but you will see results very quickly indeed while on this.

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this is not necessarily true - everyone responds differently to the accutane - ive been on four months and am only just starting to see results and ive heard of it not working for some people, just thought u should be aware of that

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Its a mere impossibilty to not respond in some manner after 4 months.

The sebaceous glands should dry up in that space of time and there should be a massive difference with 90% of people acne free.

Are you using a highly effective moisturiser?

Not using a proper cream can leave the epidermical layer of the skin exposed to bacteria whilst on Accutane,hence making you break out and not seeing results.

Its much like the earth losing the ozone layer...would cause serious damage.

The skin needs to be protected whilst on the drug,and vaseline derma care is the best way to go in my opinion.

You could use pure petrolium jelly but it wouldnt look the best.

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Do u feel washing twice daily leaves the skin feeling over irritated?

I used to wash mine twice daily but broke out more,so I went back to washing once daily and it improved alot.

Depending on your skin type,you may not need to wash it twice daily.

Overwashing can lead to the over production of oil and the abrasion of the epidermical layer leaving it prone to bacteria.

Try washing your face once daily(In the morning) and see if this helps it.

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I dont recommend washing your face in the shower at all.The power from the shower is in my opinion far too harsh for the facial skins surface.

I used to wash mine in the shower for a period of time and I broke out all over the place ,all red and blotchy.I went back to the basin and it got better....I never washed it in the shower again.

You have to be very gentle with the facial skin.

What does the skin look like?Is it very red?

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well after having a bath it is very red for about 2 hours, after a shower it is red for about an hour, if i get even slightly hot from exercise, embarassment.. then it goes red quickly and stays red for a long time, otherwise it is only slighly red compared to what it was like before treatment

i'll take ur advice with the shower tho, from now on i'll wash my face in the sink

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I see.......what form of acne were you diagnosed with?

Was it Acne Vulgaris or Acne Rosacea?

Your description shows all the signs of Acne Rosacea.

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I'd ask him....cause its sounds to me like you have Acne Rosacea.

This form of acne has to be treated very carefully and gently.

Do you notice alot of redness on the nose and cheeks?or a slight inflamation of the nose?

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I've been on for nearly 4 months as well and have finally just started seeing results. My skin dried up really early on but I was still breaking out anyways. I used a lot of moistuerizer and have been washing my face daily.

Honeymuffin, have you tried drinking a lot of water? I mean a LOT. It's probably a coincidence but I noticed that my skin was getting better after I started drinking a lot of water daily. I get about 2.5 liters a day now.

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Dont overdo it on drinking water......you have to remember that accutane alone is very harsh on the liver and flooding water down on top of it will make it work too hard.

Drink a pint of water slowly before you go to bed and one with ur dinner(Although drinking whilst eating isnt great for the skin either) but its hard not to.I do it and its fine.

One at night would help cleanse overnight whilst the system is resting.

3 pints a day of water would possibly be ok daily....but whatever u do dont over do it whilst on the accutane.

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i don't drink alot no, cus i get fed up of having to go toilet all the time, plus i always forget, but i will try to drink more as reckon i only drink bbout 1 1/2 pints a day

so what is this type of acne u r on about circle?

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Hey Circle, what is the normal length of time for taking accutane? I have seen 4 to 6 months. and what determines it?

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