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JUST A NOTE: This is a repeat of a post from the prescription acne medications board, sorry but I wasn't sure where to put it! (it's a little of both)


I'm new here and by no means an authority, but I've been so happy with the success of my acne treatment that I felt I had to pass it on to y'all.

Like many women, I didn't get much acne until I reached my college years. I started out with regular break-outs timed with my periods. Then, I had acne continuously, and finally it was cystic acne and that has left me disfigured.

Now, I've used countless over-the-counter meds and I've been to countless dermatologists who've treated me with countless prescription meds including Retin-A, tetracylene, even Accutane. I stuck with the program, but nothing worked, or worked as well as I wanted it to. (I don't know if Accutane would've, because I had to quit it no thanks to side effects.)

Depressed, frustrated and angry, with my acne at its peak, I started researching acne on my own, specially as it manifests in women. What I found out was that, as most of you must be aware, the number one cause of acne for both sexes is male hormones, or androgens, including testosterone. For women, acne is like an allergic response to inappropriate male hormones.

I decided I might be hormonally imbalanced, too, and the idea came to me that I didn't have to just treat my symptoms--maybe I could do something about the cause too! Cool!

I talked over my findings with my doctor and he worked with me to develop a treatment plan. Well, it hasn't even been a year now and my skin has improved beautifully!

So here, ladies, is my recipe for taking back control of your hormones and healing your skin (take one dose daily each, talk with your doctor or nutritionist before you do),

- flax seed oil (omega fatty acids)

- evening primrose oil (omega fatty acids)

- cod liver or fish oil (omega fatty acids)

- snake oil (only kidding!)

- Yasmin 28 (estrogen, progesterone, and the only birth control pill with an anti-androgen)

Also helpful but not as crucial,

- zinc

- multivitamin

- vitamin A

- vitamin E

If you need more oomph you might add a regular anti-androgen steroid to the mix. So you won't be exposed to any trace hormones in food, you should quit eating dairy, eggs, and meat products that aren't organic, and drink only purified water, not tap water, and plenty of it.

Meanwhile, keep spot treating new spots with benzoyl peroxide, and be gentle to your skin. That means gentle cleanser, gentle moisturizer, no or non-comedogenic-only make-up, and NO PICKING. (I started wearing these little white cotton gloves at night to stop picking in my sleep!)

One more thing. Be sure to check with your doctor that you don't have a thyroid disfunction or an ovarian cystic disorder, or are on any medication which might be affecting your hormone levels.

I'm not selling a miracle cure here, and truth be told, before I started this treatment plan I didn't think much of diet and nutrition and herbal remedies. But, this *did* work for me, and I *hope* it works for you too!

Good Luck,

Jane Doe


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