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Huge Mistake of Popping a Large Zit...

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I had a pretty large zit and just couldn't stand it anymore.. I popped it. Well, at least now the zit is gone, but I have a pretty big reddish/brown blob on my cheek. So, I was wondering how long before it goes away..


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my experience is at least a few months if it's one of the big zits that really take some effort to pop.

try mandelic acid / other aha peels, that puredeming gel, to see if that helps it quicker. but it will still take time no matter what. you have to be patient.

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Use Neosporin. I just used it for a trouble spot, w/ a bandaid. I had it on there for 3 days (changing the bandaid daily).. and today when I took it off, it looks all nice an smooth, no more scab, and doesn't look like it'll scar.

I think is cut the time in healing so far by 40-60%. Get it!

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It's been about 3 - 4 days, and the red spot has completely dissappeared. A couple days ago, a scab formed over the damaged area, and today the scab came off. And to my surprise, my skin looks fine! You can't even tell. It's completely smooth with no lasting artifacts. I'm happy! If it remained any longer, I would have tried NeoSporin...

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That's good news Rzwen.

Unfortunately, I popped one last month that may have left a little scar. There is a dark red mark and the thing is slightly sunken in.

This could get better over time, I don't know.

I have been putting neosporin on it for some time, but not using a bandaid.

Maybe this would have helped. I still don't know whether it is better to lance them or let them be. My thought is still if there is a large enough white head on top that lancing is probably the best thing to do.

My husband is so funny. He just pops away--never scars.

I think it is skin color, type too that makes imperfections less obvious.

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For those of you still breaking out - I can't recommend taking supplements enough. I even read this on the Dr Perricone books - that of you take internal ALA and Vit C and Zinc capsules, it will help heal spots so that they don't scar.

When I had cystic acne, I knew very little about supplements - all my spots and cysts turned into deep scars - whether I popped them or not. In the last 9 months, I have taken ALA (alpha lipoic acid) internally every day - I don't break out hardly at all now.. but when I do, I notice that I'm not getting NEW scars, so this really works.

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Thanks for the info Maya.

I am taking a prenatal vitamin and ordered the Intense Gel sample today.

Stress is also a major problem with me. But I am working on it. I still need to get Dr. Perricone's book.

Maybe I will get it ordered today.


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