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El Sol

Neutrogena Clear Pore w/ 2% SA burning!!

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Is it just me or does the Clear Pore stuff burn when you apply it, this was my first time applying it. I saw the inactive ingredients and it said it included alcohol. well have any of you felt a burning when you put it on? Please don't let it just be me [-o< .

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Yeah, I experienced that too. My face was all red when the first time I used it. But the good thing is after done it quite a while somehow it helped me control my breakouts

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Avoid neutrogena products....they are far too abrasive on the skin.

I recommend using ZIRH CLEAN facial wash,in my opinion its the best out there.

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Just wanted to let you know that a gentle cleanser that's really good and has no frangrance is Phisoderm Deep Cleaning Cleanser/Sensitive Skin and follow up with an SA toner that doesn't contain irritants like Ultima II Vital Radiance Skin Renewing Toner Norm/Dry, followed by AM-a light moisturizer w/ spf (cetaphil paba free ), PM-BP and light moisturizer if needed- you will see a results. Zirh Clean contains lemon oil, menthol, and pepperment oil all known potential irritants to people who have acne prone and or sensitive skin. I tried the "acne cure" because i wasn't satisfied w/ the few breakouts i had left and i broke out bigtime! So now i'm back to using what i just described above for only 2 days and my face is soooo much better!!! The less frangrance and plant oils in a product the better for future breakouts. Hope this helps.

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Ive had skin problems for 14 years and tried 100's of facial washes...natural,this that and the other thing.

I tried Zirh Clean and it was the exactly what was right for me.

The contents you described as being irritants are in no way whatsoever to me and I have the most sensitive skin imaginable.

I guess everyones different but I would 100% recommend Zirh Clean.

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