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Smoothbeam-Results As Good As Pictures on Candela's Website?

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I wanted to know if anyone has had the kind of results like the pictures on Candela's website of Smoothbeam patients. They looked really good-you could barely tell the person had any scars. I know that FrankY said that he had like 85% improvement in one post, which is like the amount you can expect from CO2 laser, according to a derm I spoke with. Just wanted to know if it really improves your scars that well like those pictures-I wish i was one of those people.

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

When my derm looked at my face, he immediately showed me the poster from candela (which is the same as the website). I asked the practitioner if that kind of result can REALLY be achieved and by how many treatments. She said..yes, around 6 treatments. She said mine can be improved by 50%. So far I've done one treatment, four more to go and not seeing any improvements yet.

If by the third treatment I'm not seeing anything at all, at least I can say I tried.

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im just trying to get rid of my red marks

they suck!

and im gonna get regular smoothbeam treatments

i can improve like 8% more with smoothbeam

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from what I've heard and been told by my doctor, smoothbeam isn't really for red marks. Have you really experienced improvement on your red marks?

I've got some red marks and brown marks that we will be working on with the Prolight system after my smoothbeam is done. But, that laser is $150 more per session than the Smoothbeam sad.gif .

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