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Old scars (Keloids) on back - need advice

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I've had scars on my back for about 5 years, pretty bad ones at that range from about 1cm wide to 1/2 inch across the shoulders that stick out sort of like a bubble, i used accutane to stop them back then and worked great on the actives but the scars stayed. have had injections (not sure of what) from a doctor which softend them so they would go down a bit which they did but slowly come back. i also had the biggest one cut right off which had grown pretty large but its come back a little bit.

I'd like to go to the beach this year without being having to be self concious can anyone give me any pointers? I've heard of laser surgery but i'm not surei have the thousands of dollars to pay for it :/


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So the scars are raised? Sound s like keloid scars. Don't know too much about these, but I've heard of these silicon sheets you can buy at pharmacists called Cica-care - and you put them on the scars and keep them on for 8 weeks or so and it makes them go down.

Go ask your pharmacy about them.

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yep i think i remember my doctor telling me that they were keloid - because i have olive skin for some reason..

i'll buy the silicon pads you recommended thanks for that

are these known to be easier or harder to treat than other type of scars like ice picks?


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I believe darker skin tones are more likely to get keloids. I have a couple on my knees and my foot - they don't bother me as they are very old and only slightly raised and no one would notice anyway.

There seems to be many treatments for indented scars, but not too many for raised ones.

Sorry, the only product I know is this cica care - and I have no experience of it.. just remembered its name.

Good luck - it would be good if you could update your progress here for us.

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i had this but they pretty much have gone down now form cortisone injections. im sure thats what your derm did, its for keloids. how long did it take for the acrs to rise back up? keloids are really hard to treat. hypertrophic scarring is raised scarring that is not always keloid in nature but it is really hard to distinguish between the two. i want to assume that i have hypertrophics because they are easier to treat and respond to treatment better.

i had my scars injected 3-4 times each in about 4 months time, and they are basically all flat now. Can you tell me about your injection experience, as im wondering if mine will rise back up too. thanks!

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