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Trying to reach fellow Minnesota scar sufferers

Hello, wow I read the ENTIRE needling thread and a few months back, a few people from Minnesota were wondering about who does needling. I too went to the only doctor in the state who wants me to do the Roll-cit procedure for ..get this 3000 dollars! You have to be put under and everything. He did refer me to a lady who is a permanent make-up artist and she does treat acne scars with dry needling. I am meeting her this weekend to look at my scars. From what I've read here, no one is really doing the roll-cit procedure because it doesn't allow you to focus on one specific scar. For those of you in Minnesota or in the rest of the country--just a reminder to go to spcp.org to find a permantent make up artist in your state that has some qualifications. Thanks to everyone who posts pictures and tells your stories--it has made me so educated! Could some one tell once again--is it a good idea to get the emul oil before you make that appointment to get the skin needled? The doctors in the twin cities here, have not heard of half the stuff you people talk about here, it is amazing. I look forward to hearing from is its DIDY from Minnesota? Please reply and let me know what you decided to do ..thanks all

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Not a Minnesota resident, however I might take a look at that website. Im kind of curious as to what exactly a permanant-make artist can do for scars.

thanks for the site addy O:)


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