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Project Infinity

Ok here's my log to clear skin hopefully.

My regime will consist of 3 major steps which will onl include mourstirizing with NHFSL.

Step 1 - Dip Head in hot water (As hot as you can take it 60 secounds, taking a breath every 10 secounds)

Step 2 - Clean face with CSR Cleanser, wash with Cold Water.

Step 3 - Apply BP, Making sure its fully absorbed and applied gently.

I will also add a 4th step which will be to include NHFSL when it arrives and I'll be applying that in the morning only.

Basically this is my way of saying I'm not giving up, I'm taking it beyond serious now and I want to defeat this, Yesterday I was having one of them "Acne Get The Better Of You Days" where I couldn't be asked to face anyone, Then it was 8.00 and I had to get ready for work, so yeah, I had the evil eyes on me when trying to serve people, Funny how my profession can be so effective.

I will update this daily starting from tomorrow as I want people to know that someone with acne like me who isn't properly the best fighter (mentally and emotionally) can still hopefully get through this and I just hope I inspire and motivate people as I know 110% how they feel.

Will Update Tomorrow, Comments, Questions, Completely welcome. Fire Away. :)

Destiny Waits.

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Day 1

Yesterday was the start of the current reigem, Around 10.00 o clock last night I felt a zit forming on my chin (under the skin) which when I went to move my chin area about I could feel that it was quite senseative, I also had a small pimple in between my eyes, just above the nose area, which again, when touched quite senseative.

I woke this morning, and both have seemed to shrunk some what, and I can move my chin area quite easily with out the annoying pain of that spot, Perfect start to the reigme if I'm honest.

Nothing else to report, no new acne so far but this is still early days.

Will report back tommorow again.

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Day 2

Woke up this morning had a few new active ones on my chin and one beside my lip, they were poped by the time I got home from college apart from the one beside my lip, got a small couple of spots on either side of my temples, nothing to worry about to much, Not nice that I've gotten a few today but I'll keep on ploding along, also I'm tanning and this may have an effect on it. I taned last night so.... :whistle:

Flakes are mean though, can't wait till NHFSL gets here! :(

Back tommorow. :)

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there was earlier proofs on this site and other that shows hot and cold water are bad for skin, keep room temp water

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