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Acne and exercise

hi all, i am an athlete with severe acne. ive been doing a lot of research on acne lately and i found mixed reports on exercising. does exercise make acne worse since it says sweat will aggravate the acne and make it worse, (but then there are other reports that says exercise is good for acne as it relieves stress) and another question i have is does weight lifting trigger acne. The more i think about it, the more it sorta makes sense since weight lifting = increase in testosterone and since thers' increase in hormones does that mean more acne? (or am i getting this concept totally mixed up ) thanks.

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As a personal trainer, aerobics instructor, and avid weight lifter and runner, I'd say no-weight-lifintg, playing sports, or working out don't have any effect on acne. I was active all through having no acne, severe acne,, mild acne, you name it and physical activity had no effect.

What it did do was make me more confident and gave me a feeling of "belonging" and less prone to staying at home and hiding. You can't let this skin shit stop you from doing what you love. If you personally feel that this kind of activity makes your skin worse, then go ahead and cut back or whatever you need to do. In my personal experience, if I had stopped working out, I would have become a fat depressed slob with acne, rather than a fit, toned, outgoing person with acne.

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thx for the advice. i lost about 6lbs of muscle mass over the last month b/c i stopped lifting weights. but over the past month my acne didnt get any btr so i was back to pumping some serious iron yesterday =D

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