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Got up this morning and saw my skin...Its AWFUL! seriosuly dont know why i break out soo badly. Its getting me down a lot lately and i cant take this any longer. Its so painful to even see my face in the mirror these days, and i feel sorry for people who have to look at my face on a daily basis. I just keep thinking about my skin and how most of my friends dont know what it feels like to have acne. I feel messed up right now and this isnt how i normally am coz im usually soo full of life and bubbly! I hope i snap out of this soon and start clearing up. :cry:

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laura, i feel for you in this ordeal. it crushes my heart the same way when i see how bad the texture of my skin is in the mirror, especially under the sunlight. then i worry about what other people think of me when they see my skin up-close...but yeah i also think we have to snap out of it coz things get worse when you're so full of negative feelings and thoughts.

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I understand you, Laura. I was like that last year, and I skipped also days off school because I couldn't bare going there with such skin, also because I was the only one in my whole class with acne. Maybe some would get a pimple every month...yeah, this let you understand how I felt.

I was hurt because I knew they didn't understand my situation, and how I felt bad, and they probably also though I didn't wash my face correctly and all that crap...

I have made the mistake of letting acne making me falling apart from my friends. They would ask me out and I'd say no because I was ashamed and I didn't want them to see me that way. When I got clear thanks to Roaccutane, they didn't even ask me out anymore, or much less... and even now I feel them away from me, even if now we go out much more and I hope with time things will get even better than before!

So, to make a long story short, don't be worried for yoir friends, because they really don't care about how your skin looks like. In fact now I live in an apartment with a friend (because of Uni, my 1st year) and I wash my make up off at night (maybe I just dab a little councelear if I have very red spots, but that's it... and she has never said/showed anything about it. She doesn't even look at me in a different way... it's all normal like if I had make up on....

Best of luck, since I know you too are in Uni for the first year ;)

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