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laura lou

What am i doing wrong???

I seriously don't know what is causing my breakouts...its soo annoying. Ive had acne for 6 years now and im soo tired of it. Tired of constantly worrying about what i look like and how oily my skin is!

I've always had good weeks and bad weeks, but it seems that my skin just breaks out more often of lately.

About a year ago, it was just my forehead that had acne but now my cheeks are getting pretty badly scarred from acne and i dont even know why my acne is spreading to the once clear areas of my skin! Ive got about 2 spots on my right cheek, 1 on the left and 2 on my forehead. :cry:

any suggestions for helping these spots to go down withoug leaving red marks and scars?


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Well I don't know what your experience with topical gels are, but I've found that using a combination of them is very helpful. Differin in the morning and then Benzamycin at night helped me quite a bit. I Then changed to Duac and Differin and since then my skins been the clearest it has in 4 years. I understand that its so difficult to find treatment that works for you. I spent nearly 18 months feeling so unhappy, because my acne was not getting any better. Then eventually I wound up on my combination treatment and things were much better afterwards. The other option of course is roaccutane.

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Hiyas Laura_Lou, i am in the same boat as you, i am getting acne in spots that were clear, flesh colored small bumps on myy skin, and now scars it seems that its getting worse, and so far i am trying the water method by moojamba and i am not seeing any difference in my skin, its so agraviating. i might is if a facial could work, or go back to the dermatologist.

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