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Sgt Pepper

Mandelic Serum (10%)

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just bought a bottle over the net for my red marks and have some questions....

-who has here used it and found positive results? how long did it take?

-is it really effective on red/brownish blemishes?

-is it the same as mendalic acid?

Please post some before and after pics if you used the serum...

here's my pic which i hope would look better after id use some of this mendalic serum.

user posted image

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Guest Tracy

Check out the mandelic thread....do a search....there's SO MUCH info on that thread that will help answer your questions.

Good luck to you!

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what looks like to be a good program would be to do a weekly lactic peel, combined with mandelic acid (which you got) and maybe that puredeming intense gel (look for that thread, or the ALA homemade one)

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I bought the cleanser and serum.

I LOVE these products.My skin was already clear thanks to the Retin a. However,after using the products twice I noticed an improvement in texture and softness.

The cleanser is so gentle but very effective at removing dead skin.

The serum is also very gentle.

My brother has blackheads.I'm not exaggerating but after using the products once his nose was smooth.The blackheads were much better.

Of course he wants to order then now!!!

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Guest Tracy


How long have you been using the 10% serum?? How often?? Have you gotten any intense gel yet from puredeming?? That stuff ROCKS!! And my skin has improved immensely by supplementing the 10% serum with a weekly lactic peel and daily use of the intense gel.

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