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Questions About Acne HELP!!

Hi guys I'm new here but not new to acne. I had really severe cyst acne for some time now and I seriously dont know what to do about it now. So i have a couple of questoins for you guys and I hope that you can all help me.

Okay so I just got back from going to my derm and he recommend me to this other medical clinc to start my accutane treament. The reason he recommend me to another clinic is because I cannot affoard to keep on seeing my derm because he doesnt take medicare. I happen to be of low income so I dont think that I have insurance. Anyway this new clnic he recommend me to see is very far from where I live and is in Easy LA, I dont wanna go there. The only other choice I have is to see my school derm which is free but do they offer accutane there too? Does all derm offer accutane because I am going to college and my college have a derm office but I am not sure if they offer accutane or not.

The other questoin is that I have also recently ordered and am about to start the CSR trement. Should I just wait for the accutane or try the CSR?? Would the CSR help agianst severe cyst acne?

Anyway thanks for the response and good luck with your own acne problems..........they can really ruin your face.

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