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No Acne.. No Pimples.. No Greasey Face

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I have no acne anymore.. no big cysts.. no fatty pimples... And my face is never oily..

All I get is these little tiny whiteheads.. like half the size of a head of a pin.. very tiny..

I currently Use:

-Dove Sensitive Skin Bar Soap

-Neutrogena Combination Skin Mositurizer

What would the problem be?

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Are these whiteheads hard to the touch? These are probably milia. Just rub a salicylic acid gel on there twice a day for a couple of weeks until it comes off.

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Guest fatman_uk

The Dove maybe... it leaves a thin film on you face... some kinda wax in it i believe. That's the 'Moisturising' thing they refer to in the ads i think.


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I think i know what you mean... theyre little white plugs in your pores? I had them until a few weeks ago. I decided the problem was exfoliation. I just rub my fingernails gently against these plugs w/soap on my face. this usually takes the plugs out. i also use clearisil SA wipes(pads are too iritating) 1x every 2 or 3 days or so to help the exfolilating process. You dont need to use SA more than this. I have found since doing this my acne has improved severely. I never get whiteheads anymore, only 1 or 2 mild red bumps at any one time, and they go away after a day or two of bp.

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