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hello hi :D

i'm 19, turning 20 next month (yippee!). i've been suffering with acne since i was 12. i've tried alot of different products on my uber sensitive skin. my parents have spent alot of money on prescriptions & proactiv (which did not really work out for me). my skin did react well to certain medications, but after awhile they stopped working. so recently, i finally got tired of looking at myself & only being able to focus on my acne/red marks/scars. i know that my skin will never be perfect or flawless, but i just want to prevent it from looking worse. anyway..i ordered a bunch of products that i wanted to try out with my new regimen & they finally came in the mail yesterday! :dance:

i started my new regimen today, 10/06/2006

these are the products that i will be using in my regimen:


Purpose Bar Soap

Neutrogena Deep Clean Astringent

Dan's BP

Neutrogena HSFL with SPF 15 & AHA


Purpose Bar Soap or Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser with 3.5% BP

Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

Neutrogena Deep Clean Astringent

Dan's BP

Lac-Hydrin Five AHA Moisturizer

i'm gonna try my best to keep up with my regimen & stick with it.

i'll also post pics which i'll update on a weekly basis.

i've tried the csr in the past & it totally cleared up my acne. i was left with alot of red marks & scars, but i was glad that my acne was gone. i stopped using it for a month & broke out like crazy. now i've decided to incorporate different types of products into my regimen to help fade the red marks. i'm not expecting any drastic changes. i'm just hoping that this regimen will help my skin out, even if it's just a little bit. :pray:

good luck with your regimens! :)


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i finally have time to update! :) the neutrogena hsfl makes my skin glow, which is nice. the area around my mouth has become irritated by one of the products. it's very dry and itchy around my lips. i'm not sure which product is causing this reaction, but i need to figure it out. i think it's the neutrogena astringent or the neutrogena clear pore cleanser. i'm not going to use the neutrogena clear pore cleanser every single night like i wanted to. i've decided to use it every other night. in the mean time, i'll continue to use purpose bar soap to cleanse. my eyes have also become very sensitive. i need to find a good eye cream asap. the bp is definitely working, for the most part. i have a zit on my chin that has been there for the past couple of days and it hasn't dried out. i also have another zit on the left side of my face. the bp dried that zit out and now i'm left with another red mark. grr. i hate red marks :redface: the red marks on my face don't seem as red as usual. my face is still red, but it's not as red as before. i wish these red marks would just disappear!! it would make things alot easier for me. i wouldn't have to put on tons of concealer. bleh. oh well. my face doesn't get as oily during the day like it used to. the only problem is, by night time, i look very greasy. it doesn't bother me as much because it used to be greasy all day long. now it's just greasy at night. hopefully i can find a way to fix that eventually. i'd rather have my face feeling/looking oily than for it to feel/look dry though. my skin is very sensitive, so when it feels dry, it bugs the heck outta me. anyway..i'll post pics when i get a chance. i'll update again as soon as i have some time. keep your head up : )

♥ lindsay :D

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