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Christina ~

I refuse to accept that my disorder is a curse from now on

To all my friends out there struggling with their own demons..this inspired me to stand up for myself and to say "my disorder is not a curse"

I have to manage it yes, but the fact that i have it can be an empowering thing if i channel it.

EMPOWER YOURSELVES! and this goes for anyone who is suffering from mental illness, you mind is smarter than you know and you can do anything :)

p.s ignore the reference to racial features, the guy sort of lost his mind for a minute there lol but the talk on ADD is whats important.


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acne is a curse

watch the video. i wasn't talking about acne. thats why i posted in emo. i'm talking about mental illness specifically ADD/OCD

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Sure it may take me a few hours to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, when it's at it's worst but I agree, it's not really a curse.......as a kid I had some pretty severe "disabilities." I was in special ed and got to ride the "short bus." Yeah I was made fun of a lot, but I had something the other kids didn't......my brain worked differently than the "normal" kids.........enabeling me do do things that other kids couldn't. When I was about 6 I could read at a college level. I could easily understand complex mathmatics, leading to an easy understanding of things like physics and chemistry........ I didn't do well in a school setting until college, and even then I'd find myself leaving in the middle of classes to take a walk because I couldn't just sit there......but as long as I did well on the exams it didn't matter.........I ended up graduating at 19.....

Sometimes it's a pain at work, but it can be a blessing if you know how to channel it.......

I currently don't take medication. My case isn't really that bad as an adult, and I haven't been on meds since I was 12........At times sometimes I think I could use them, but I don't want to deal with the side effects.....

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