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i got a breakout! help!

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I'm on week three of the regimen! My face was looking great! My forehead was totally clear except for red marks and so was my left cheek! My right cheek was just about clear. Well I forgot to the regimen one night and then forgot to do it also in the morning and now I've got some zits on my chin and cheeks and I'm breaking out really bad on my nose. Usually my nose was always clear.

I'm using 1 and a half fingers of BP but I dont know if I'm applying enough. It seems to absorb very fast. A dab it on and then move my finger over it a few times and its absorbed. Is it absorbing into my finger?

Well now my biggest concern is my red marks/scars. All my zits are turning into scars. What can get rid of these? I have senstive skin so it needs to be something gentle. And how can I work a scar treatment into my regimen? PLEASE respond!

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Week 2/3 are bad weeks for most people, they break out in weird places. You need to wait it out and it should get better. Week 5 also causes some breakouts in people and then you should be clear. Check the scar forum to see how people handle them on the regimen. For me the bp seems to have bleached out my red marks over time and evened out my scars. I think I'm going on my 3rd month.

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u know ur mistake, u missed a couple of bp night and day... it will break u out.

now uve learned never to miss just like i did.

i learned this the same way...

im gonna have to use bp forever if i want to be acne free,

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