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if one glycolic acid product didnt work for me.. shud i bother trying another brands GA?

i have been using this neo strata glycolic acid toner (8%)for probably about 6months now. it is mixed with 2% clindamycin (presciption acne drug) - my derm made up this mixture.. i used to used clindamycin probably about 2 years ago when my acne was mild but then it stopped working. anyways.. this toner never really did aynthing for my marks.. i dont know if the clindamycin in it might be affecting the results on me.. maybe it just doesnt agree with me anymore (ever since my acne 2 years ago stopped responding to it)

should i bother trying another GA product like Alpha Hydrox brand? or because this GA hasnt worked for me, NO GA will and it just doenst agree with my skin..? im just trying to see what other options i have for red marks.. id like to try the AH brand but im not sure if it will work. i wonder if i should move on to lasers or something else? or do i nee dto be 100% clear for that?

i attached a picture... most of what you see is red marks.. but it looks like active acne however they are all smooth and not raised likea pimple. i have maybe 1-2TINY pimples on each cheek the rest is red marks. i only really get a few pimples on my chin or forehead.

plz gigve me any suggestions on what you think could work for me!!

IPB Image Left cheek

IPB Image right cheek



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8% is pretty low, mabye try the 30% one. But if it dosent agree with your skin then mabye you shouldnt. :confused: I personally think laser is pointless untill your 100% acne free because its expensive.

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for a toner 8% is ok. Why is everyone telling him to go to 30 or 50%??? They don't even make toners with that much acid. I assume you meant peels...

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I used to use a 15% glycolic acid serum and 30% peel. Both didn't do much to help. I have had red marks for years from constant picking. Made my skin mottled looking with a few much darker red marks which looked like spots. I now use bio oil (google it) I didn't actually buy it to help with red marks but it has worked more than the countless products I have bought and trust me theres laods. I have bought every over the counter product and even visited a cosmetic surgeon who gave me the most crap expensive products ever!

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