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If 10% bp is too much, then couldn't I dilute a 10% cream with some other, cheaper cream? Maybe vitamen A&D or E cream? It seems an awful waste to be using "On-the-spot" on my whole face, money-wise and supply-wise. Do other creams somehow interfere with BP? I am personally would think 2 parts generic oinment to one part 10% BP would be good. It may not be the perfect solution, but the "regimen" requires a fairly big investment!

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I've often wondered about this. I don´t see any reason why it wouldn´t work, but then, you´d need a neutral thing to mix it with, just some generic non comedogenic cream. I don´t know what that might be.

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i cant use BP, not even 2.5BP i burn, horrible chemical burns and then my skin peels off. aghhhhhh You could try using SA instead, it works for me and doesnt burn me.

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Guest fatman_uk

People have done this before with different results... just mix 1 part 10% BP with 3 parts of a noncomedogenic, oil-free moisturiser. See how it goes.


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I use 10% BP on my face. It is basically on my face 24/7. I put it on in the morning, and in the evening before bed. You can't just jump into using 10% BP. I'd start with 2.5% or 5% and only apply it 30 mins a day for a week, then gradually increase it to 60 mins for a week, then 2 hours. Then I started leaving it on over night. Then after awhile, maybe a month of leaving it on over night, I started applying it in the morning and leaving it on during the day. Over time I was bumped up to a higher %. Now I have 10% BP on at all times. Doesn't hurt my skin at all, no redness. But you have to be patient and gradually build yourself up. I see an acne specialist that has me on a couple different things and it was always a gradual increase over time for each item she uses on me. Forget starting out at 10% though, really really bad idea. Instead of diluting the cream. If I were you I'd just buy it in 2.5% or 5% and work your way up over time. By diluting it, you are also diluting the none active ingredients, which would help with moisturizing and what not, so yeah I wouldn't tamper with diluting it. Just buy the lesser amount and work up. I apply a moisturizer first, then the BP goes on after. You have to make sure the moisturizer doesn't clog your poors, super important what moisturizer you use. I use, Face reality Hydrobalance. Good luck!

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I use 5% cream. 

When I started using it I rubbed it all over my face and neck but it did cause  a rash on my neck. 

Now I use it every day on my forehead where I did get a lot of spots but BP has no side affects and to spot treat 

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