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My current regime.. that helps. just wanna share..

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I have been suffering from acne since age of 10-11. Those acne just keep breaking out.. cystic type acne. Went to some facial saloon at about 15 yrs old.. they popped the acne.. think that was a bad idea cuz my acne got worse.. prolly contributed to the scarring that i have now.

I was put on Roaccutane for 6 months. Have just finished my course of Roacc 2 months ago.. my acne cleared up now. No more new acne popping up. The derm that I went to told me to keep going with Roacc till 1 month after no new acne popping up. 90% of the time.. u would have no recurrence for a yr. heh.. sounds like a pretty good deal. and for those that is suffering from the SE of Roaccutane.. it is possible to go on with a lower dose but just have to go on for a longer duration.

After the course of Roacc.. now.. i'm left with some scars on my cheeks.... it was real bad about 2 months ago. Some rolling scar and some boxscar scar.. and some keloid scar on my jawline. My forehead and nose is clear.. never had acne there. I was a bit devastated and I found this msg board. Really good support group here. Thinking of going for smoothbeam probably next yr i think.. if possible.

Anyway.. not beating around the bush. My current regime is:

1. Wash with Nivea Cleansing Lotion and rinse with warm water. (I found that using a milder cleansing lotion rather than those hard exfoliating ones don't aggravate the skin). I usually do some facial massage (just circular motion so that u can feel ur bones) at the same time.

2. Oil of Olay Total Effects during the day.

At night.. I replace Oil of Olay Total Effects with Bio-Oil.

Since I started with this regime. I found that my redness have improved about 50%. My scar have also seemed to be less deep.. probably about 30% improvement.. keloid scar have gone down by about 30%. I know I am not imagining this because there is one v. small keloid scar that is now flat! Just started this regime 2 weeks ago. Hoping to see more improvment later.

I also eat a lot of fruits. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water (with lemon if possible).. and a glass of milk b4 retiring.. + 8 hrs of sleep/day + exercise.

I also pray every day and night for healing. I think that helps.. =)

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