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Can you change the way you think?

I had a conversation with my boyfriend last night about how I feel when my skin gets bad. I'm in my 7th week of using differin at the moment, and my face looks a lot worse than it has done in a long time. It really really gets me down, and everyday I hope and pray that this will be the worst of it, and that when I wake up tomorrow things will be getting better.

My bf essentially said that it's not healthy to constantly wish that this problem would go away, and instead I should try to change the way I view having acne, so that it is not such a huge issue for me anymore. At the moment I only go out to go to work, and i'm even scared of my bf seeing me without an inch of makeup on!

I know i've got the kind of skin where I will always get breakouts, so I think that instead of just shutting myself off from the world and becoming depressed when I do, I need to alter my pattern of thinking and my behaviour so that when my skin is bad, it's no longer a big issue but something I may not like but I can deal with.

I'm sorry if this has been posted a hundred times before, but I just want to know if anyone feels a similar way, or if anyone has any advice or experiences to share.


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yeah its better to be happy and positive. but it will be hard when you're unhappy with the way you look. try not to think about it as much and hopefully you will find a solution- or time will just do its thing. good luck.

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i think this is possible... today i had such a hard time.. i cried for hours and moped around. then i got so frustrated with it i dont feel like i care.. its not going to go away from crying and i cant keep letting my life revolve around it. i acutaly went out with the smeared makeup from crying. (well just to the bank.. but its in a university so i saw a lot of people)

and then i thought... even if my skin doesnt look good, what the fuck do they care? yeah okay maybe they'll think in their head "ew thats gross" but it never really has anything to do with me unless they say something. as far as with interacting with people, it doesnt make any sense for them to care if you haev acne when you're talking....is someone really going to run away and stop talking because you're skin isnt perfect? are they not going to respond if you say something because you're skin isnt perfect? im sure most people dont care.. and why should they. they're not obsessed like we are with our skin.

i dont know what it is today.. i think just all that crying about it made me realize.. oaky so what i dont have perfect skin, im sure no one else cares so i dont need to obsess about how i look to everyone else.

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