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Accutane Log - of a 16 yr old.

Hello I'm new to this forum. I was just researching Accutance and its side effects and I was trying to find stories of people who have been on it, when I stumbled across this forum! Lucky me huh?

My Story:

I had mild acne last year around November-ish so I went to the derm and got some anti-biotics. It worked for a short period of a few months and then my acne came back in full force it got worse and worse. No anti-biotics were working. After going through 2 doctors I finally got put on Accutane. Now I'm here to tell you my progess with the product. I'll just start on the day that I'm on right now.

Day 20

Since day 1 my face has been getting dryer and dryer. My face definately isnt as oily as it used to be before i got put on Accutane. My lips were very dry to the point they were bleeding a few days ago. Now it seems to have went away a little bit still dry lips though. The big cysts are gone since I've been on it, they started to clear about a week into it, still have minor pimples covering some of my cheeks and my forehead I get big ones sometimes. I have had some really bad back pains only for a few moments though. That's basically a summary of what has been happened in the first 20 days. I will start day by day logging tomorrow.

I'd love to hear from everybody. Lots of replies with your progress etc.

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Day 21

I've been noticing my chin is clearing up more. Feels kind of bumpy still just not really any zits. My lips are mildly chapped. I think the tane is working because my skin has felt a lot lot dryer since about the first week.

I've noticed that the zits im getting now arent as full of puss as they used to be and the ones i get are really small and they pop easily or they are big and i just leave those snappers alone. Before they were like connecting and they were huge so it's a big improvement for me I think. I hope my face isn't really red, I can't tell. Does anybody get really burnt if they go out in the sun for a little while? One of my friends told me that i looked like a cherry and I got all self concious and y'know the deal.

I think the medicine gives you some mood swings to some of my family have told me I've been acting different lately and getting mad easier and then going from mad to totally happy.

Hope everybody is havin a good day.


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