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Guest yankeemix

Well try a new regimen.. no more On the spot BP

Guest yankeemix

Well i stopped using the - Nuetragena on the spot BP - not because it didnt work me but because it took so long for my spots to fade away. The bp worked well and really cleared up my skin tremendously.. But its just that I am afraid of long term use and pre mature aging and so on.....

Well when I use the BP I use Cetaphil as my cleanser. I decided to continue using the cleanser but use it with an extra gentle buf puf..


It got good reviews so I thought I'd give it a try. I mean I use Dove body wash with a body sponge and my skin on my back looks good for the last 10 years... I figure i'd try a method like this on my face but of course as gentle as possible....

Its been about a week since i've using the product and I have broken out alot.. I'm assuming its because well my skin is getting used to this new method or this buf puf is helping unclog pores?? It looks like its kinda purging but yes I do have alot more pimples now....

Another thing im noticing is that my skin 1 day gets more oily and then the other day it doesn't. when i used Cetaphil with BP i didnt get oily and was confortable using moisturizer...

any thoughts or advice..

let me know..

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